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Lokavidya Wiki

LokavidyaWiki is a small step, an initiative towards presenting Lokavidya Philosophy and Lokavidya Jan Andolan in the Wiki World of Collaborative Internet Education and Media. The LokavidyaWiki is presently hosted at the Ashram premises. It is powered by the MoinMoin Wiki Engine built for collaboration on easily editable web pages. MoinMoin is Free Software licensed under the GPL, the GNU Public License. WikiNature seems to be closely related to the nature of Lokavidya.

The WikiCourse is a crash course for anyone to create LokavidyaWiki pages. The ability to use Unicode to create pages in other Indian languages can be seen by editing a page like LokavidyaSatsangBook

Vidya Ashram National Meet 27-28 Feb. 2016this is a pdf file

Kisan-Karigar Panchayat in Varanasi 15-16 Nov. 2015


Sabhi Ki Aay Pakkithis is a pdf file

Kisan Karigar MahaPanchayat Parcha -2this is a pdf file

Kisan Karigar MahaPanchayat Parcha -1this is a pdf file