Bhaichara Vidyalaya

This is an experimental attempt at including different streams of knowledge in methods and texts. All streams of knowledge have equal value and status in the eyes of the Ashram and so in Bhaichara Vidyalaya. From these schools Vidya Ashram relates and interacts with the villagers on questions of education and knowledge and also seeks support from them. The three important objectives of this venture are:
  1. To improve the general competence of these children, say in the areas of language use, arithmetic, art and games.
  2. To improve confidence levels of these children particularly in their interactions with others in the higher social groups.
  3. To develop a knowledge dialogue with the villagers through programs arranged from time to time. This includes emphasis on values of fraternal (bhaichara) relations among various streams of knowledge.

Activities have included:

  • Evening schools in villages for poor children in the age group 5 to 10 years.
  • Dialogue with the teachers of Bhaichara Vidyalaya for a fresh awareness and comprehension of knowledge related issues.
  • Dialogue in schools with students and teachers of Inter Colleges on the following topics:
    1. Locations and streams of knowledge in society and existing hierarchy among them.
    2. The storm in knowledge domain in this age of Information.
    3. Education to fight social inequality.
    4. Inclusion of different knowledge streams in education.
  • Dialogue with the rural youth under a program named Yuva Gyan Shivir
  • Support for poor college students under the program Vidyarthi Vikas Karyakram.
  • Knowledge Journalism: Development of the idea of Gyan Patrakarita and training thereof for rural youth to enable them to represent better the knowledge strengths of the rural society through expression, articulation and communication that is understood and valued by the larger society.

जहाँ गाँव नहीं, वहाँ सभ्यता नहीं!

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