Dialogues on Knowledge in Society

This is an attempt at constructing a universe of knowledge dialogue that is simultaneously a political, economic, cultural and philosophical dialogue. This requires that no strict paradigm of knowledge be allowed to govern the processes of the dialogue. This knowledge dialogue therefore takes place in an universe of knowledge traditions and locations where none is superior or inferior to the other. Knowledge activity in social movements, Lokavidya traditions in ordinary life, science in the universities, knowledge traditions of the monasteries and the knowledge activity on the Internet and many other less conspicuous streams and locations of knowledge are all accorded equal status in these dialogues. Some events and publications are listed below.

  • The Workshops at the World Social Forum: Jan.2004 Mumbai; March 2006, Karachi; November 2006, Delhi; and Jan. 2007, Nairobi. (We failed to reach Nairobi). Four Bulletins in English have been published, one each for the four WSF workshops.
  • Lokavidya Samvad: A Hindi journal. 18 issues have been published since 1998. It tries to engage with economic, cultural, literary, political and philosophical issues with a lokavidya standpoint. Click here for some scans of front covers of previous issues.
  • Kisan Peeth: A forum for knowledge dialogue among farmers and activists relating to problems of peasantry. A bulletin is also published.
  • Chintan Dhaba: A thinker’s cafe just outside the Ashram where workers and peasants discuss with the educated on equal terms about questions ranging from daily issues to philosophy.
  • Seminars, workshops, people’s movements:Participation and organization.
  • Online discussions on the Internet via mailing lists http://www.edu-factory.org and a blog, http://lokavidyapanchayat.blogspot.com.

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