Knowledge Satyagraha


Vidya Ashram calls on all college and university educated people to deliberate on the following actions:

  • Opposition to the building of elite institutions of higher education.
  • Recognition of knowledge in society, knowledge with peasants and artisans, and reflection of this in our writings and public stands.
  • Support for proper economic returns on lokavidya; at a minimum buying lokavidya products, and campaigning for it.
  • Opposition of policies that restrict peasants and artisans from using their knowledge for economic activity. Opposition to the expropriation of lokavidya by the corporations.
  • Campaign for public spending on research in the fields and work-sites by peasants and artisans.
  • Work for the dignity of lokavidya by building overlaps between formal education at all levels and lokavidya.

जहाँ गाँव नहीं, वहाँ सभ्यता नहीं!

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