Lokavidya Tana-bana

  1. Today knowledge management and social media are creating new paradigms for development and politics and fresh opportunities are arising for conceptualizing new social formations.
  2. Lokavidyadhar samaj too has an opportunity to build afresh its connectivity-communication frameworks to serve its own ends, namely, to build a movement towards a genuine knowledge based society, a society in which lokavidya rules the world of knowledge. Lokavidya Tana-bana may be seen as an enterprise shaping such initiatives.
  3. Just as lokavidya lives in society and does not reside in any institutions or instruments, similarly lokavidya tana-bana ought to be an inseparable part of society.
  4. It is constituted by people who take initiative from a lokavidya perspective to develop communication and connectivity within the lokavidyadhar samaj.
  5. It establishes connection between the activities and expressions of the lokavidyadhar samaj and develops new relations among them to facilitate and enhance the processes of recovery of their lost world and reconstruction of a new one.

जहाँ गाँव नहीं, वहाँ सभ्यता नहीं!

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