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The Ashram honours its visitors equally. Peasants, artisans, intellectuals, women, adivasis, scientists, artists, administrators, statesmen, all are seen as epistemic beings, none inferior or superior to any other.

The Ashram is a place where people interested in Vidya come. They come for a day, a week, a few months, for even longer, or for indefinite periods. They come because they find the dialogue at the Ashram enlightening and rewarding. They come because they want to contribute to the Ashram by their ideas & lifestyle.

The Ashram is at Sarnath, seven kms north of the Varanasi cantonment Railway Station. Seven kilometers south of the Station is Banares Hindu University. This is the north south expanse of the city of Varanasi.

Sarnath symbolises the tradition of the perennial philosophy of change.

Members and close associates of the Ashram

Sunil Sahasrabudhey Sarnath
Laxman  Prasad Sarnath
Dr. Chitra Sahasrabudhey Sarnath
Vinod Chaube Sarnath
Pervez Aslam Hashmi Varanasi
Mohammad Aleem Hashmi Varanasi
Praval Kumar Singh Varanasi
Premlata Singh Varanasi
Ravi Shekhar Varanasi
Ekta Singh Varanasi
Avinash Jha Delhi
Awdhesh Kumar Singrauli
Sanjeev Kirtane Indore
Dr. Girish Sahasrabudhey Nagpur
Vijay Jawandhia Wardha
Dr. K. K. Surendran Pune
Dr. Naresh Sharma Hyderabad
Dr. B. Krishnarajulu Hyderabad
Dr. Abhijit Mitra Hyderabad
Dr.Lalit Kaul Hyderabad
T.Narayana Rao Hyderabad
Mohan Rao Chirala, AP
Dr. J. K. Suresh Bengaluru
Vijay Kundaji Bengaluru
Shilpi Suneja Bostom
Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala Chennai
Dr. C. N. Krishnan Chennai
Dr. Vijay Joshi Manila
Dr. Amit Basole Boston




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