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Proceedings of World Social Forum Workshops

This is an attempt at constructing a universe of knowledge dialogue that is simultaneously a political, economic, cultural and philosophical dialogue. This page presents the evolution of the idea of Knowledge Dialogues through our engagment with others, as presented in various fora within the World Social Forum process.

I. Dialogues on Knowledge in Society: Listed below are the papers presented at the workshop organized at the World Social Forum, Mumbai, January 2004. this is a pdf file

  1. Lokvidya Samvad: Description of the periodical published by Vidya Ashram
  2. Dialogues on Knowledge in Society / Sunil Sahasrabudhey
  3. On the double meaning of ‘information’ and the work of knowledge / Avinash Jha
  4. Erasing Memory, Computing the Present: Playing Handmaiden to Plan X / Tenzin Rigzin
  5. the current conflict in Knowledge Societies / Krishnarajulu
  6. Traditional knowledge – or ‘Natures’ knowledge? / Jinan
  7. a practical approach to dialogues on knowledge in Society / Krishna Gandhi
  8. The Information Revolution and Creation of the Uninformed Society / Amit Basole
  9. Issues in the workshop on Dialogues on Knowledge in Society / Girish Sahasrabudhe
  10. knowledge in society and the knowledge society: Opening the Debate for a New Millennium / Ananya Vajpeyi

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II. Virtuality and Knowledge in Society: Papers presented at the workshop organized at the World Social Forum, Karachi, March 2006. this is a pdf file

III. Knowledge Satyagraha: Presentation made at the India Social Forum, New Delhi in November 2006. this is a pdf file

IV. Radical Politics and the Knowledge Question: Pamplet prepared for the World Social Forum, Nairobi to be held in January 2007. this is a pdf file

V. Global Fraternity of Peoples’
Knowledge Movements
Vidya Ashram Bulletin for WSF2015 Tunis, 24-28 March 2015 this is a pdf file

Towards a people's knowledge movement

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