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  • Gyan Panchayat: Public hearings (jan sunvai) on the world of knowledge, particularly science and the university


  • Kala Sadhana: Training, learning, performing and dialoguing activities in various art forms with the understanding that it is here that people’s knowledge activity flowers with autonomy, self respect and intensity.


  • Dialogues on Knowledge in Society: Dialogue among activists, peasants, artisans and the educated in the movements, habitats, fields, worksites and the universities to show that at the base of the political, economic and cultural issues lies a radical knowledge question which needs to be debated and understood for a basic transformation of society.


  • Bhaichara Vidyalaya: Campaign for equal respect to all streams of knowledge with activities like evening schools for rural children, Yuva Gyan Shivirs (Knowledge Camps for Youth), Vidyarthi Vikas Karyakram (Program for Poor Students) and training in knowledge journalism.


  • Lokavidya Ashram: Building Lokavidya Ashrams at different places with the object of contributing towards changing the present capital based society into knowledge based society.


  • Lokavidya Tana-bana: A new framework with new initiatives in the areas of connectivity, communication and building relationships in the lokavidydhar samaj to establish unity based on lokavidya.


  • Lokavidya Jan Andolan(LJA): It is a people’s knowledge movement to primarily stake claims of lokavidya in the public domain. It defines a new agenda, namely, that of the unity of lokavidyadhar samaj as both the cause and the effect of a new political imagination to change society in accordance of the needs and interests of the oppressed classes- farmers, adivasis, artisans, women and those doing marginal enterprises.


  • Lokavidya Satsang : Lokavidya Verses have been prepared in close adaptation of Kabir. These are sung in various programs with intervening explanations on the lokavidya philosophy that these verses embody. Satsang programs are independently held in villages too. A booklet in the name of Lokavidya Satsang is also published.

जहाँ गाँव नहीं, वहाँ सभ्यता नहीं!

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